Amazon Inventory Integration

Multi-Channel Fulfillment by Amazon gives online merchants access to one of the largest fulfillment networks in the world. With Multichannel Fulfillment, it doesn't matter where the sale occurred. Simply notify Amazon of the order and Amazon will pick, pack and ship the order directly to the customer.

SellerCloud is fully integrated with Multi-Channel fulfillment by Amazon via Amazon FBA API, with the entire process managed through SellerCloud. Firstly, you can create FBA shipments to send inventory to FBA. Then, when orders come in from any channel you can easily send a request to have Amazon fulfill the order. In SellerCloud, this request is called Ship via FBA. SellerCloud will automatically retrieve the tracking number and update the order on the sales channel. Shipping costs and Amazon fees are also pulled to ensure accurate P&L reporting. View all our integration channels. Read about all SellerCloud software features.

Automation is also possible - orders can be automatically selected and Shipped via FBA. Rules can be created to determine which orders are selected for shipping. Customization rates may apply.

  • Create Inbounds Shipments
  • Ship Via FBA
  • Accurate P&L reporting
  • Automated order selection and shipping available
  • Amazon order fulfillment API