Amazon Vendor Central

Vendor Central is an Amazon program for qualified vendors to become suppliers of merchandise to Amazon. You, as the supplier, will ship the order to Amazon. SellerCloud integrates with Vendor Central for Order Download, Order Acknowledgement.

Vendor Central Direct Fulfillment - formerly known as Amazon Dropship Central - is Amazons vendor dropship program. Amazon will market your products with their trusted and recognized branding, and you will fulfill orders directly to customers. The SellerCloud integration with Vendor Central Direct Fulfillment enables an automatic connection for Inventory Upload, Order Download, Acknowledgement Upload, Tracking Upload, and Invoice Upload. PDF Packing Slips can also be printed from SellerCloud.

  • Direct Fulfillment
  • Inventory Upload
  • Order Download
  • Order Acknowledgement
  • Acknowledgment Upload
  • Tracking Upload
  • Invoice Upload
  • PDF Packing Slips