ATG Marketplace Integration

The Mine is an American e-commerce company which sells home goods. Formerly known as ATG Stores is a popular website that focuses on furniture, hardware, plumbing and home décor products. Launched in 1999 and acquired by Lowes in 2011, ATG Stores now attracts customers with more than 3.5 million products in 16 different categories.

Merchants who partner with ATG Stores are essentially dropshippers;supplying ATG Stores with products and fulfilling customer orders placed for those products.

SellerCloud is fully EDI compliant, enabling a direct integration with ATG Stores. The integration supports automatic inventory updates;synchronizing your inventory across all channels. Orders import automatically for processing, and upon shipping through SellerCloud, shipping confirmation and tracking will update automatically to ATG Stores. Packing slips formatted to ATG Stores specifications are available for inclusion in the shipping package.

ATG Stores will receive an invoice for each order automatically for accurate billing, and order data can be easily exported to QuickBooks for accurate accounting.

  • EDI compliant
  • Automatic Inventory Updates
  • Synchronized inventory across all channels
  • Automatic order download
  • Automatic shipping confirmation upload
  • Automatic invoicing
  • Easy export to QuickBooks