Best Buy Marketplace Integration

SellerCloud is directly integrated with Best Buy Marketplace, offering merchants a platform to market products alongside this iconic electronics retailer.

Add your products to listings through SellerCloud and have their inventory synchronized with your other sales channels. Order management, including shipping, cancelling, and TEL_Number_Homeing orders can be managed through SellerCloud.

While the orders import with costs and charges, Best Buy settlements can be imported manually to apply any changes for accurate profit and loss reporting.

SellerCloud integrates with Best Buy in one of two ways: A direct access where inventory, order and tracking files are exchanged via an FTP supplied by Best Buy. For clients who would prefer EDI document transfer, SellerCloud is fully integrated with Commerce Hub, a leading EDI exchange company, to manage your products and orders on Best Buy.

  • Direct Integration with Best Buy
  • EDI Integration through Commerce Hub
  • Add to listings
  • Automatic inventory and price upload
  • Automatic Order download and tracking upload
  • Import Best Buy Settlements for accurate P & L
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