Evine Marketplace Integration

Evine Live is a leading entertainment shopping site that delivers an engaging shopping experience through live TV and social media.

Qualified merchants can become Evine vendors; supplying inventory to Evine and dropshipping customer purchases.

Integration with Evine can only be conducted through transmission of EDI documents via Commerce Hub, a leading retail technology company. SellerCloud is fully integrated with Commerce Hub, enabling clients to synchronize and manage ecommerce with Evine along with their other sales channels.

SellerCloud can also manage Evine orders, from importing the orders automatically to updating tracking on Evine automatically after shipping. Evine-formatted packing slips will print out to fully comply with Evine's shipping requirements. Every order is automatically invoiced to Evine for payment, and the order data can be easily exported to QuickBooks for accurate accounting.

Apply to sell on Evine here.

  • EDI compliant to connect via Commerce Hub
  • Synchronized and automatic inventory updates
  • Automatic order download and tracking upload
  • Evine formatted packing slips
  • Order automatically invoiced to Evine for payment