Repricer Integration is a competitive re-pricing software for Amazon, eBay and Rakuten merchants. provides you with a number of tools to help you compete smarter. Through "Strategies" enables you to create re-pricing rules. For example, you can define the sellers you wish to compete against based on ratings, fulfillment type and more. Min and Max prices, and how to price when you're matching the competition don't win the buy box are just some of the features to manage re-pricing more effectively.

SellerCloud's integration connects your catalog with your account. New products are automatically pushed to for re-pricing. Min and Max pricing, as well as the Strategy assignment, at the product level, are all managed within your SellerCloud account. Managing pricing within SellerCloud enables you automatically adjust the Min Price based on costs as they are calculated in SellerCloud.

  • Min and Max price controls
  • Strategy assignment
  • Automatic updates via FTP
  • Add new products