Jet Integration is the exciting new marketplace that promises to market to the cost-conscious shopper with 5 to 10% lower prices than comparable listings on Amazon. Savings are generated through a number of innovative cost cutting measures. Consumers are matched to merchants closest to their location, enabling shipping cost-cutting measures. Jet's innovative Smart Cart feature offers even more savings for buying even more products. And consumers can waive return rights and pay with a debit card to reduce the sale price even more.

While the customer is adding items to their cart, Jet will be analyzing which seller can offer the lowest price to the customer. However, at the time of checkout Jet will reveal the selling merchant, and allows for direct communication with the customer, including placing marketing materials into the shipping package.

SellerCloud integrates directly with, enable automation and synchronization between and your other sales channels. With Jet integration, listings can be created from SellerCloud, including variations listings with attribute management. Orders can be shipped out through SellerCloud with tracking updated automatically on Jet. Customer generated returns requests will automatically create an RMA, allowing you to easily manage the refund and return process. View all our integration channels. Read about all SellerCloud software features.

  • Create Listings on directly from SellerCloud
  • Jet fulfillment node support
  • List variations on Jet
  • Automatic inventory and price updates
  • Automatic order download
  • Ship orders through SellerCloud
  • Automatic tracking upload
  • Manage order cancellations and refunds from SellerCloud
  • Complete RMA management for Jet returns
  • Jet API integration