Magento Website Integration

Magento is a wildly popular shopping cart that offers a great level of flexibility to its users. Using SellerCloud to manage your Magento store eliminates the need to install Magento extensions for marketplaces. With SellerCloud, your Magento store can be managed together with marketplaces like Amazon, eBay,, Overstock, Sears, Newegg, etc. can all be managed from one single platform.

Multiple Magento installations as well as multiple independent Magento sites can all be managed from one SellerCloud account.

Magento listings can easily be published from SellerCloud with full attribute and attribute set support. Configurable products for variation listings and Grouped products for a multi product display, and tier pricing can all be done from within SellerCloud. Inventory and pricing are managed though SellerCloud and update Magento automatically.

SellerCloud can also manage and process Magento orders, including shipping labels and packing slips. Order status and tracking updates automatically, and TEL_Number_Homes and cancellations can be managed from SellerCloud as well.

SellerCloud can also manage Magento's Authorize and Capture configuration, allowing merchants to capture payments directly from SellerCloud at a later date.

  • Publish new listings
  • Automatic update of inventory and price
  • Automatic download of Magento orders
  • Automatic tracking updates
  • Complete Magento product management including: description, images attributes, and categories
  • Grouped products
  • Configurable products
  • Multiple Magento installations
  • Option to capture authorized payments from SellerCloud
  • Tier Pricing
  • Custom Attributes Sets
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