Memaila Integration

Whereas a traditional CRM requires all team members to be logged into the CRM system to participate in team emails, memaila allows team members to contribute to team emails from their own email account, from anywhere.

Members of a team the can respond to shared team emails from their private email addresses while the response still shows as being received from the team email address.

Memaila allows you to improve your response rate - respond to customers in a faster, and far more efficient way. With features such as ‘Thread Control’ and ‘Smart Notifications’, you can avoid multiple employees responding to emails that were already responded to. Memaila also integrates with ERP systems like SellerCloud and the like.

Read more about memaila here.

  • Respond from any email address or device
  • Increase customer response rate
  • Use thread control
  • Filter and escalate emails
  • Integrates with ERP systems