Nordstrom Website Integration

Nordstrom is a department store and online retail site catering to customers searching for high-end, high quality products. They sell everything from clothing, shoes, and accessories to home goods and beauty products. Backed by house-hold name recognition, selling to Nordstrom can be a very lucrative addition to a business.

Nordstrom works with sellers by having them fulfill orders through dropshipping directly to the customer. Nordstrom will manage and maintain listings for items on their website and set pricing, and orders placed for the item will be sent to the seller to be fulfilled.

SellerCloud's integration with Nordstrom supports maintaining accurate inventory levels on all listings, which can be set on a schedule. SellerCloud will also automatically import all orders for fulfillment and send required shipping confirmation back to Nordstrom on a schedule.

More information about selling to Nordstrom and how to become a dropshipper can be found here.

  • Automatic update inventory
  • Automatic order download
  • Automatic tracking upload