Pricefalls Marketplace Integration

Established in 2009, Pricefalls has a long-history of providing robust marketplace technology to online sellers and an elegant shopping experience for consumers. is the only US marketplace to share direct marketing rights with all of its sellers. Pricefalls offers detailed and strategic marketing efforts that help brands connect with consumers in new ways. Pricefalls is committed to protecting the brand and create consumer trust, inspiring customers to come back to Pricefalls and ultimately to the seller, again and again. Through this process, Pricefalls provides customers with an unmatched shopping experience. Whether you are buying new or used, simple or luxurious, commonplace or rare, trendy or one-of-a-kind – if it exists, it’s probably for sale on Pricefalls. now features thousands of sellers listing tens of millions of products across 25 major categories. Millions of unique visitors flock to Pricefalls for amazing deals on top brands. Pricefalls is sure to be able to offer the exposure your products require.

Pricefalls allows its sellers to be as flexible and to operate as close to an independent retailer as possible, allowing you to control your own return policies, shipping profiles, and value added services. Earn customers, increase sales, and create an incredible experience selling on

SellerCloud's integration enables you to create fixed-price listings directly from SellerCloud. When applicable Dutch-style offerings can also be made, with floor and ceiling prices support for every product.

Like all channels, order download and tracking upload is fully automated. Inventory is synchronized with all your other channels, negating the need to allocate inventory to prevent overselling.

Register to start selling on Pricefalls here or call 1-866-503-9799 ext. 4 to learn more.

  • Create listings on Pricefalls directly from SellerCloud
  • Fixed-price and Dutch-style listings
  • Automatic inventory and price updates
  • Automatic order download
  • Shipping Pricefalls orders directly from SellerCloud
  • Automatic tracking upload
  • Cancel orders and initiate TEL_Number_Homes
  • Manage returns from SellerCloud