Pricefalls Marketplace Integration is an online marketplace used by over 700 sellers and growing. Originally popular for its Dutch-style auctions (still available under certain conditions), listings on Pricefalls are mostly offered at a fixed priced. Pricefalls focuses on ease of selling and allows for direct communication between sellers and customers.

SellerCloud integration enables you to create fixed-price listings directly from SellerCloud. When applicable Dutch-style offerings can also be made, with floor and ceiling prices support for every product.

Like all channels, order download and tracking upload is fully automated. Inventory is synchronized with all your other channels, negating the need to allocate inventory to prevent overselling.

Register to start selling on Pricefalls here.

  • Create listings on Pricefalls directly from SellerCloud
  • Fixed-price and Dutch-style listings
  • Automatic inventory and price updates
  • Automatic order download
  • Shipping Pricefalls orders directly from SellerCloud
  • Automatic tracking upload
  • Cancel orders and initiate TEL_Number_Homes
  • Manage returns from SellerCloud
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