Quibids.com Marketplace Integration

Quibids.com is a popular penny auction site. As with most penny auctions, the auction price increases by one Quibids penny - equal to 60 cents - with each bid. While the highest bidder wins the bid, all bidders pay to bid, meaning, they lose the money they bid on the auction. However, Quibids will allow all bidders to purchase the item at the retail price minus the cost of their bid.

Quibids doesn't stock their own inventory, but relies on dropshippers to provide products and fulfill orders. Using SellerCloud, you can easily import Quibids dropship order files into your SellerCloud order grid. After a processing the orders, shipping confirmation can be exported in a Quibids-ready formatted file to update the order status on Quibids.

  • Order import
  • Tracking export