QuickBooks Integration

QuickBooks is the leading accounting software for small to medium sized businesses, managing payables and receivables, inventory and more. QuickBooks helps determine the actual profitability of a business or business operation.

Much of the profit and loss is determined by sales and purchases, and SellerCloud transmits that data to QuickBooks through QuickBridge, a SellerCloud desktop application. While manual data entry is cost consuming, time consuming, and prone to errors, QuickBridge exports data of purchase orders and shipped orders into QuickBooks accurately with a single click of the mouse.

SellerCloud is integrated with QuickBooks Pro and QuickBooks Enterprise.

If you are using Zed Axis as your QuickBooks management tool, SellerCloud can help with that as well. Export your orders with our specialized Zed Axis plugin. The exported order file will be formatted ready for import into Zed Axis.

  • Export summaries of profit and loss
  • Export shipped orders in detail
  • Export purchase orders in detail
  • Export sales orders returns
  • Creates products and updates inventory
  • Control payment status of orders
  • Combine a channel's orders under generic customer
  • Zed Axis Integration
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