Rakuten Marketplace Integration

Branded as the Internet Superstore, Rakuten.com (formerly Buy.com) draws millions of online shoppers through its intuitive navigation and bottom line pricing. SellerCloud integrates with Rakuten.com to maximize a client's market exposure.

Bundling kits enables listing products in both as individual products and as kits while maintaining inventory integrity.

SellerCloud is also used for managing and processing orders, including shipping and packing slips. Rakuten settlement data is retrieved with the order to ensure accurate profit and loss.

Learn more about selling on Rakuten here.

  • Publish new listings
  • Join existing listings
  • Automatic tracking number upload
  • Cancellation and TEL_Number_Home management
  • Tool to identify Rakuten listings by UPC
  • Automatic inventory and price updates
  • Integration with 3rd party repricing software
  • Profit and loss tracking based on settlement data
  • Automatic order download
  • FBA Inbound Shipment management to create and manage shipments to Amazon Fulfillment Centers directly from SellerCloud