Red Stag Fulfillment Integration

Red Stag Fulfillment is the premier US-based order fulfillment company for eCommerce stores and online sellers shipping larger heavier packages, (avg. order weight of 10+ pounds).

Your customers expect to receive what they ordered, and you should expect your fulfillment provider to do what you paid them to do, on time, every time. There is simply no room for error when we’re handling your pick, pack, and ship operations.

  • When your shipment is unloaded in our facility, we’ll receive it accurately within 48 hours or we’ll pay you $50 for the inconvenience.
  • If any of your inventory is damaged or missing after we receive it into our facility, we will pay you the wholesale cost of that item, plus $50.
  • 100% of your orders will be shipped according to your chosen service level (Next Business Day, 3 pm, or 5 pm) or else you don’t pay for that shipment AND we’ll pay you $50 for the inconvenience.
  • If an order is shipped with the wrong item or wrong number of items, we’ll fix the mistake for free AND we’ll pay you $50 for the inconvenience.

Contact Red Stag Fulfillment for more information.

  • East Coast & West Coast fulfillment centers
  • As late as a 5 PM same-day order cutoff time
  • 30-day risk-free trial