Walmart DropShip Integration

Like many big box retailers, sellers can apply to become approved suppliers to Walmart for drop shipping. This means that Walmart will buy products from merchants and market them online at Orders will be forwarded to the merchant. The merchant then ships it to the customer with a Walmart packing slip.

Please note: This Walmart program is separate from Walmart Marketplace where sellers market directly on SellerCloud does support Walmart Marketplace. Read more about that here.

Selling on Walmart DSV is conducted through transmission of EDI documents. The initial testing of the EDI connection is conducted by SPS Commerce, but ongoing EDI communication goes directly between Walmart and SellerCloud without the need for a 3rd party intermediary.

Walmart orders will automatically import with the item price charged to Walmart, making it easy to export the order data into QuickBooks and create invoices. You don't need to actually send them the invoice, because SellerCloud will automatically invoice Walmart for each order.

Apply to become a supplier and sell on Walmart here.

  • Supports EDI via CommerceHub
  • Walmart price on order
  • Walmart packing slips
  • Order management and order cancellation from SellerCloud
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