waytopay.me Payment Integration

Waytopay.me is a secure, easy and fast way to request and receive payments.

With waytopay.me merchants can offer customers a simple mode of payment processing that is independent of their shopping carts.

Because waytopay.me is a SellerCloud application, payments are instantly applied to orders. SellerCloud clients can log onto waytopay.me with their Team Name, user ID and password.

The merchant needs to email the payment URL to the customer who can access their order details and make payments at their convenience.

To ensure privacy, no personal information is collected from customers. An email address and credit card information are all that is needed for clients to pay for your orders.

Flexible configurations let you collect payments in a way that best suits your business and customer expectations.You can seamlessly collect payments through Stripe.Soon, you’ll also be able to get the payment for a single order from several customers.

Read more about waytopay.me here.

  • Quick and simple signup
  • Ensured privacy
  • Merchant admin area
  • Flexible configurations
  • Issue and Manage Invoices
  • Seamless Stripe integration
  • Credit card payments and bank transfers
  • Support both full and partial payments (coming soon)